Ads API stats differ from UI values on likes, follows and retweets




I came across a problem with the Ads API. Noticed that the stats from API for one of my accounts return all zero values for the second half of December. (Tweets created in the beginning of 2019 seems to be working again) So I tried to inspect one tweet in particular, created within the start_time and end_time frame and found significant discrepancy between the API and UI values.

On the web you can see this stats in the organic tweet : “Gefallt mir” (likes) and Retweets are non zero values.

Using async api through twurl, I made a call:

twurl -X POST -H "" "/2/stats/jobs/accounts/account_id?entity_ids=tweet_id& start_time=2017-12-11& end_time=2018-01-15& entity=ORGANIC_TWEET& granularity=TOTAL& metric_groups=ENGAGEMENT& placement=ALL_ON_TWITTER"

my response returned null values for both likes and retweets - even though the impressions, app clicks, engagements and clicks seems to (more or less) match the UI. Tried the same with granularity DAY with no result either.

Am I missing some channel through which the likes and retweets for organic post could have been received? Any idea what to try to get the remaining data?

Thanks a lot for any ideas,
have a nice day!


Hi @malapr0pism,

Thank you for your post, we are currently aware of this issue and actively working on a fix. I will update you when we have more information.