Ads API Sandbox Issue


I’ve get this error from the create camaign method.

[errors] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [code] => SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE
                    [message] => Service unavailable due to request timeout; please try the request again later

    [request] => Array
            [params] => Array

without sandbox it works perfectly.

Are you able to check this?

Regards ^^


Maybe you were sending an incomplete request and the network didn’t recognize it.


I don’t think so because if I use it works perfectly but no in the sand box.


@hector_borras it looks like there is an issue with that endpoint on the Ads API Sandbox only - thanks for bringing this to our attention, we will look into it!


I can now confirm that the POST /0/accounts/:account_id/campaigns endpoint is working on ads-api-sandbox.



I did the POST correctly this time.

Thanks for your time!