Ads API Response Account is Locked out "ACCOUNT_IS_LOCKED_OUT"


Hi There!

While trying to tweak our Twitter Ads feed, we’ve been hit with a error:
[{“code”:“ACCOUNT_LOCKED_OUT”,“message”:“Account is locked out”}]

I’m not seeing any notes in the API documentation about this error:

Finally, It’s important to note that we are developing our feed to pull data through our application on behalf of our partners. I have checked that the lock out note from the API does not impact our partner’s ability to still log into the Twitter Ads interface.

Any suggestions about why this is happening, how to avoid this error would be very helpful.



Hey there,

Unfortunately this is not something we can help with directly - the best thing for you to do is to reach out to the Twitter Ads Support team, they can assist you with this issue.

Head over to and click on the “Help” link that you’ll see at the top right. Detail things out in a support ticket there, submit it and you should be in touch with the Twitter Ads Support team very soon!


Thanks andrs!

I have sent a support ticket via this account (‘tapclicks’), but I’m not sure if this error is thrown against our account or a partners’ account who we are trying to access through the API. We will see what they say.

Do you have any thoughts as to what would have thrown this error in the first place?

Thanks again!


Glad I could be of help :smile:

I am not sure what would cause this error unfortunately! When you hear back from the Twitter Ads Support team feel free to let us know here in the forums so that if anyone else is struggling with an issue like this they can get an idea of what might be going wrong.