Ads API Rate Limits question


Hi we need a littel explanation for rate limits.

On documentation for endpoints Account Reads (GET endpoints with :account_id) rate limit is 25 per 1 minute. When we do a call to the api in the header we get this

X-Rate-Limit-Limit = 2000
X-Rate-Limit-Remaining = 1999 if we do another request the X-Rate-Limit-Remaining is 1998 and so one.

Now the question is what is 25 in the documentation since we have done more that 25 GET request in a minute. Also is this 2000 separat for GET POST PUT DELETE or is 2000 used globaly on ad account level


I think you will find this FAQ helpful; the question itself is not what you are after, but it links to all the relevant documentation that explains everything in detail, including limits for every tier and per operation.

You can find [all of our FAQs here](FAQ.