Ads API rate limit exceeded


I need to pull data from the ads api but constantly run into rate limit exceeded errors especially if i need to repull data for a longer period. Is the limit set at the ad account level or individual user level? I have 9 different ad accounts. Is it possible to raise this limit?


Hey @Kedork

Can you provide specific details? Are you trying to use the sync or async analytics? Additionally, what kind of date ranges are you looking at as well?



Hi Tushar,
I use datorama to pull this data, can’t speak to which function of the API they’re using. I don’t run into issues when pulling 1 day at a time but as soon as I expand the dates to more than 2 I get rate limit exceeded errors.


Hey @Kedork

Unfortunately until we know how the data is pulled we can’t directly figure out the root cause of the issue. I’m not familiar with datorama but if they’ve implemented the analytics API calls, they’d be the right folks to help you investigate.



Hi @imit8me ,
I’ve reached out to datorama, they said they use async analytics. It was their suggestion I reach out to twitter because they said the limits were on twitter’s end.


Gotcha, apologies for all the running around but I’d recommend asking datorama to reach out to us directly regarding your issue (or chime in on this thread). In order to understand why you’re hitting our rate limits, we first need to figure out how the APIs have been implemented, something datorama will be able to answer.