Ads API : Keyword Insights : hashtag search error



If you specify a hashtag in keyword with Keyword Insights of Ads API, an error will be returned.

array(1) {
object(stdClass)#8 (2) {
string(7) “INVALID”
string(90) “The query constructed by keywords: #developer and negative keywords: is invalid”

Is it possible to specify a hash tag for keywords?
What if I want to obtain insight information with a hashtag?

Currently, keywords other than hashtags can be acquired normally.


Hi @yonemasa007 , Thanks for reporting this issue. My guess is that it’s a bug, we will have to track this internally and see if we can confirm and follow up.


I am getting this error. Is this fixed?


The Keyword Insights search currently doesn’t support hashtag queries. The workaround is to remove the # from the query.

I’ve logged a request to make the error message clearer and add support for this. Could you provide more information about how your application would use this?