Ads API jobs timeouts / rate limit issue




it seems that a lot of our twitter async jobs are timing out for app 13340867, also when searching logs for an issue I have noticed that some of them have failed with message

{"errors":[{"code":"TOO_MANY_JOBS","message":"A maximum of 25 jobs can be in processing state"}]

but as far as I know (according to the docs) - the maximum should be 100 concurrent jobs not 25.

Could somebody please follow up if we are getting rate-limited or clarify if there is a different issue? If so what would be the preferred way to solve this?




Thanks for the question, @romanrostar. You are correct that the maximum number of concurrent jobs is 100. Do you have a timestamp for when you saw that error response stating 25 jobs?

Also, when you make a request to the GET /1/stats/jobs/accounts/:account_id endpoint, how many PROCESSING jobs do you see?


Hi, @juanshishido - the last 25 job log is around 2017-05-26T17:30 UTC. As for the number of PROCESSING jobs - I’ll check and will get back to you.


It seems that at the moment there is just one job with status PROCESSING for the account 18ce54hddyo.


Thanks for confirming, @romanrostar. There are currently no restrictions on the number of concurrent jobs. Every account can have up to 100 PROCESSING jobs at a given time. If you see the TOO_MANY_JOBS error code again, please let us know.


Hey @juanshishido - we have started seeing this error again - this time the number of concurrent jobs shrank to 10. The first occurence of the error is September 1st 00:31 UTC, it recently spiked with 21 failed jobs between September 10th and 11th.

It seems there is some undocumented, unpredictable rate limiting behaviour from your side. Could you please provide info on how to avoid it or link to documentation if this behaviour is indeed intended? Is there a way how to determine the max number of jobs at a given moment?




Thanks for following up, @romanrostar, and for providing those timestamps.

Recently, we temporarily reduced the number of concurrent jobs. It’s back to 100 now.

We don’t currently expose this information. You’re right that it’s currently not predictable and we’re exploring ways of making this better for partners. We appreciate your patience.


Thanks for the reply @juanshishido, good to know.