Ads api jobs not completing


Every day we request a number of asynchronous jobs to run but yesterday and today these jobs are not completing. The majority are stuck with the status of processing and several have failed. Are there any issues you are aware of?

Is there any way to cancel the processing jobs and then start again?


@ai_devsquad: Thanks for reaching out. We did see a backup in the queue yesterday, but that has improved.

Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a way to cancel existing jobs. If that changes, we’ll make an announcement.


I have jobs that have been in the queue for 12 hours now and not one of them has changed from PROCESSING during that time. Do you know how long this is likely to continue for?


The jobs requested today completed fine so this looks to be fixed. However, there are a lot of jobs requested over 72 hours ago that are still listed as processing. These jobs will not be used as we have used more recent data instead and are up to date.


Thanks for confirming, @ai_devsquad!