Hi @juanshishido @brandonmblack , twurl -t -H "/1/stats/accounts/18ce54h6gph/reach/campaigns?start_time=2017-03-21T18:50:00Z&end_time=2017-03-22T18:50:00Z&campaign_ids=7utab"
When trying with above command then getting below error

Header shows HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Response looks like bellow
{“errors”:[{“code”:“FEATURE_NOT_AVAILABLE”,“message”:“The account does not have
the feature REACH_AND_FREQUENCY_ANALYTICS”,“parameter”:""}],“request”:{“params”:

How can i resolve this issue?
One more thing, Is any ads API sdk available for PHP?

Access to ads analytics API?

The same feature controls whether or not the ad account can see the same metrics via UI, so whomever is the sales rep for the account should add it OR you can talk to your program manager / partner manager contact and request access.

For PHP - the one we are aware of was introduced as part of this blog post:


How to find the partner/program manager mapped to my ads account? I simply created the ads account and created campaigns over there. Not sure how to find the associated partner manager. Is there something that needs to be configured through the ads account dashboard?


I mean the contacts who approved your access to the Ads API, if you did not have any direct contact you can schedule a meeting with but as far as I know the first meeting is usually for reviewing the solution after you have built the basic framework and need to be approved to be upgraded to Basic level (= can auth more tokens). Those contacts can help you with things like this, because the same thing would happen after you onboard real advertisers to use with your tool.


Actually, I submitted application 3 days back for Ads API access but didnt get any mail so far. I am assuming that my application got approved as I can access the campaigns through twurl. However, analytics query is still not returning the results through twurl. Can you please let me know if my access got approved or not. I have an urgent requirement of developer access to finish my tool.

My app id is 13566637

And My colleague’s app id is 13391021

Any help would be highly appreciated.


@deansharedemo: Thanks for the additional information. If you don’t have a Twitter contact there isn’t anything we can do via this channel for you, unfortunately.


Hi @mauropiano @ronanmcdonnell You granted us the developer access for Ads API. We need the access to this feature REACH_AND_FREQUENCY_ANALYTICS as well. Could you please whitelist the same for us? We need this to fetch the campaign analytics.
App Id:13391021

@juanshishido , I have posted my issue here on original post.

Your quick response to this will be highly appreciated.



Hi @mauropiano - My name is Justin Lawler and I work directly with @ronanmcdonnell and am responsible for this project.

Thanks again for the original approval of access to this API.

Is there anything I can help out with or provide to help you with the process to approve full access to this API?

Thanks and regards,