Ads API is incredibly slow



We’ve noticed since Nov 2016 it’s taking a very long time to get a response ( ~ 30 mins ) when querying for a campaign within a short time frame (less than one week, June 20 - 26 for instance).

Initially we opened a ticket here Ads API is incredibly slow at the moment with two different questions. We opted to disregard the second question to focus on the main issue. The main issue was acknowledged and the ticket was closed that day.

We’d like to know if there has been any update since?

Thanks, have an excellent day!


same with you~~


Thanks for reaching out, @m4d70m. The two events are unrelated.

That being said, we did recently notice an increase in latency for asynchronous stats jobs. We’ve made a few changes and, as a result, have seen latency decrease.


Thanks @juanshishido, we’ve noticed the decrease in latency.


Thanks for the follow up, @m4d70m. If you notice issues in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Hi @juanshishido, hope you’re doing well. Looks like the increase in latency is occurring again where it’s taking ~ 30 mins to get a response for a couple days of data for campaigns (in this case Jan 18/17 - 19/17).

Is this something the team is aware of? Thanks, have a great day!


Really appreciate the follow up here, @m4d70m. Yes, we noticed a increase in latency earlier today and are looking into it. Thanks for raising this with us.