Ads API is incredibly slow and/or times out



We’ve noticed the past couple days when querying data for a campaign within a short time frame (about one week, Sep 07 - 14 for instance) the requests time out.

Is there something we can attribute this to?

Thanks, have an excellent day!


Any updates here? Having the same issue. Thanks!


I’m waiting on this to be resolved? How do we push it to high priority, Twitter? Getting a lot of timeouts.


Thanks, @m4d70m, @SocialFlow_Ops, and @Yazanator for reporting this.

We’re aware of the issue and are actively investigating the root cause. In case you missed it, we had a similar issue last month, though what we’re currently seeing in terms of success rate and latency isn’t to that degree.

We’ll provide an update once we know more. We appreciate your patience.


@juanshishido Noted. Thanks for the response!


Thanks, looking forward to hearing back from you guys. Thank you for your prompt repsonse.