Ads API Impressions does not match with the UI



I am using Twitter Ads API to retrieve campaign statistics and there is a difference between the impressions the API returns and the one shown in the Ads dashboard.

API endpoint:

I am passing the start_date and end_date converted to UTC in Ads account timezone with ISO 8601 format. When I compare promoted_tweet_timeline_impressions with the Impressions metric in the dashboard, the difference is there, other metrics matches though.

Can someone please help me with this? How the impressions in the dashboard gets calculated?


Take a look at our derived metrics docs for the answer to this one.


We are experiencing a similar issue where API impressions don’t match the Ads UI impressions.

We have tried using the calculations specified in derived metrics.

For example, we used the following for impressions:

promoted_tweet_search_impressions + promoted_tweet_timeline_impressions + promoted_tweet_profile_impressions

Promoted_tweet_search_impressions and promoted_tweet_timeline_impressions return, but promoted_tweet_profile_impressions is missing as a column altogether.

Any insight onto what could be causing this?


Hi Nityan,

The most reliable way of returning metrics is to specify them with the metrics parameter. You can get a default set of parameters but it is not necessarily guaranteed to be the full set of metrics. It is also recommended to only retrieve metrics that are appropriate for the objective of the campaign you are gathering stats for. If this doesn’t solve your problem I would recommend posting a more detailed, new post to this forum.