Ads API ERROR Account is Locked out “ACCOUNT_IS_LOCKED_OUT”



When trying to call API
we’ve been hit with an error:
[{“code”:“ACCOUNT_LOCKED_OUT”,“message”:“Account is locked out”}]

May I know, How we can get the status = ACCOUNT_LOCKED_OUT?
Which API calls to get ACCOUNT_LOCKED_OUT?


@Salashah: Only Twitter’s Ads Support team can unlock your account. Please log into and click “Help” on the top right to open a support case for the issue with your account.


Thanks for your reply, I don’t want to unlock my accounts, I want to know, How to get ACCOUNT_LOCKED_OUT status through API calls?
May I know which API calls return ACCOUNT_LOCKED_OUT status?


@Salashah: Not sure there is a specific endpoint to see that error code. However, the Content Approval Status information in our documentation might help. When calling GET accounts/:account_id, for example, you’ll see an approval_status attribute with the following possible values: ACCEPTED, UNDER_REVIEW, or REJECTED.