Ads API Developer access


We are developing a application using Ads API and as per the documentation, we have applied for developer access using

We just saw the thankyou message and haven’t got any other update and it has been four days now. I just want to check if there is anytime line to receive an update


The information of account where the access has been request is

Owner _spocto
Owner ID 2647208472
App id : 12455263


Hi @sankarjag,

You should of been approved for Developer access on 6/6/16. Can you confirm?


Thanks. I am able to access the APIs.


We would like to start the live prototype by next week, I want to know the the process how we can to Basic level access .


Hi @sankarjag,

That is great! Please schedule a meeting with our team at and select the option “Developer - Design Review & Demo.”

Make sure that you are able to create an ad from start to finish in your prototype. This means being able to select the ad type you implemented, upload the needed images and text copy, and report on the correct metrics associated with that ad’s objective. To see what metrics need to be displayed by objective, please view Exhibit B in the developer agreement.

We are excited to see your demo!


Hi @sankarjag,

Also, I highly recommend that you apply to our #Promote Ads API Challenge! WE are looking for great platforms, and the grand prize is $250k USD with Twitter Exec access.

Since you are already ready to move to basic, you should be on time to submit by Aug 31st, 2016 for the #Promote deadline.



thanks for the inputs and will apply to them appropriately