Ads API call approval_status REJECTED



We applied for the Ads API developer access for ID 8100827, and we tried to retrieve a list of the account info associated with the login via a curl call with the correct tokens, but then received the REJECTED approval_status. (see the actual message in the bottom)

Also, we’ve been using the following webservice endpoint



Please have the advertiser (in this case I think this is actually you yourself) login at and use the Help menu in the top right corner to contact our Ads Support Team.

The API response you are seeing is correct. This ads account was rejected. We may reject ads account creation for a number of reasons including spam. E.g.: If a user has a history of creating spammy Tweets our system may automatically reject the creation of an ads account.

You are not facing an API / developer issue, but an advertiser specific problem. There please use the Help options through