Ads API: Auth Issue


Hi All,
I am having Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, Access Secret. I need to get campaign details for my client’s account. I am having Account Id.
I called api and passed my consumer key and Secret. I got a token and trying to access client’s account.
I am getting error Authorization Required. Not Found Issue. Kindly help me.


I would recommend to setup auth with twurl ( and see how the keys are stored in .twurlrc. You can also try to use one of our SDKs first which should be simple to setup authorization. If either of those work and your code doesn’t, it’s likely a problem with your OAuth implementation. If twurl doesn’t work, your App ID has not been whitelisted to use Ads API and you should request access.




I am accessing ads apis. It uses 3-legged authentication and requires user context. I am not able to understand how to get user context. I am able to get application context using consumer key and secret.
But for user context we need something more? kindly help. I am using C# to build application

If you know any 3rd party apps which can generate token based on consumer key, consumer secret, access toke, access token secret. let me know. I am new to this.


The library here is in C# and auths to Twitter in the same way that Ads API needs to be authorized.

If you want to build your own library, you should be able to find examples on stackoverflow of using C# to access our REST API and generally the OAuth part is the same.