ADS API Asynchronous jobs not finishing


Hello Dev Forum and Ads api specialists,

We started experiencing long delays in our asynchronous jobs execution for our dashboarding app.

It was working as expected for the past 4 weeks (we are currently in Dev phase) and suddenly the jobs just stay in processing status.

We are doing very basic metrics (Billing and Engagement) for a list of 5 Line Items (this is our test scenario), and it used to take 2 secs to get the results from the job request. At the moment, if we try it, we just don’t get any results , even after 10 minutes of wait.

Is there a problem that we are not aware of? We are not doing anything different. Our apps (in development mode) are quite simple. We just use the Asynch API using the Python Twitters Ads library (We are using version 1.1 of the API) to get metrics for our clients and later aggregate them to their dashboard BI results.

What steps can we follow to find out, what is going on?


Jonas S., ME BI Team

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