Ads API application form responded with a blank page


I had just submitted a Ads API request, but I suspect the form submission is broken, as it took me to a completely blank response page, and I got no other indication that the submission was accepted.
what can I do?


@adtime thanks for reporting the issue. I’ve just tested and confirmed this is indeed working right now. It may have just been a temporary issue. If the form submission is a bit slow, please just give it a moment. If you’re still having trouble try using a different browser and make sure you have frame support enabled.


Hello Brandon,

It had happened to me yesterday, and today again. I suspect it isn’t a temporary thing.
I have a couple of suggestions as to why it may occur:
a. session time out - the form filling may have taken too much time.
b. You require a state, but we’re not a USA based company. I had to fill in Alaska as the state for the lack of better alternative but set the country to Israel.
c. I also filled in a zip code which may not correlate with USA zip codes, or Alaska in particular.

If you validate any of these somehow, it might be it.

Thanks again,


Ok, I just confirmed, it all works well, your response is just ajax based, and goes to the top of the page, while the page scroll stays after filling the long page, it all disappears and you’re left scrolled all the way down seeing nothing.
its quite confusing, but I see now that there’s a positive “thank you” response.

thanks and sorry for the hassle.


No problem. Sorry the form submission is less than optimal.