Ads API application confirmation / status



About a week ago I filled in the form for Ads API access here:
After submitting the form, there wasn’t any real confirmation that the form had been sent properly (using Firefox 47 on Windows 10). I just landed on a page without text and there was no confirmation via e-mail either.

My question is whether I should resubmit using another browser or just wait for a status update from your side. Or is there another way to check your application status? Meanwhile I’m still getting the 403 unauthorized error; ‘The client application making this request does not have access to this API’.

Kind regards,



Hi @LukasKoning,

Can you let me know what company name or App ID you applied with so I can look up your application?


Hi Carmen,

Thanks for your reply! My app ID is 12068233. Looking forward to hearing from you!



Hi @LukasKoning,

I can’t seem to find a developer agreement under that app ID, though I do see a valid app.

Can you go to and apply?



HI @LukasKoning,

I just saw your application - you should be all set now!