Ads API analytics V 1.0


My team has been going over the Ads API Version 1.0 docs (, and we’ve got a few questions about the documentation.

  • Is there a list of metrics returned in each metric group?
  • The docs reference a Migration guide - when will it be available?
  • Will synchronous endpoints still let us pull data older than 7 days? Based on the docs, I’m not sure if we’re going to be limited to 7 days at a time, or only the most recent 7 days.
  • It appears the end_time parameter on GET /1/stats/accounts/:account_id is not actually optional. And if you ask for a end_time in the future it breaks. Is this intentional? It is marked as optional in the docs, and with the current version of the api we have used future end_time. We just wanted to verify this change was intentional.


v1 stats end_time cannot be in the future

Hold tight Devin, the final version of the docs and the migration guide will be available no later than Thursday this week. Check back to version 1 or follow @AdsAPI for our follow-up announcement on the launch later this week.

For AUDIENCE_PLATFORM question, that refers to the Twitter Audience Platform, off-Twitter inventory. For stats, you shouldn’t pass a date in the future, since we won’t have any data beyond now :slight_smile:. Will follow-up if the docs are incorrect of if a bug exists in our preview of v1 on the requirement for end_time.


Thanks Jacob!

I’ll keep an eye out for the updates later this week. As to the future date, that’s what I said to our guys, but they’d insisted they were doing it with the old version. I might follow up on why. I might just tell them to stop.


We’re tightening our validations on v1, so could be related to that if it’s a timestamp in the future. We’ll have more for you and other devs soon.