Ads API Access



I submitted an application for Ads API Access for a new application and received an e-mail confirming submission. I haven’t received any further notification about granting access. Would appreciate if you can provide an update?
My App ID: 14966091



Hi @PBiruduraju - I just whitelisted you! You should receive a confirmation, and are able to make calls now.


Similar issue with me, @carmenjyuen
Already got email Access granted: Get started on the Twitter Ads API but on am still getting You’re on the waitlist! page and UNAUTHORIZED_ACCESS API response
my app id: 14960567


Thanks. Got the access now.


Hi @inchidi - that “You’re on the waitlist” page on is about being on the waitlist for Premium Data access. That is controlled by a different team.

For the Ads API access you should of received an email confirmation on 3/22/2018. You should be all set!


ah alright okay thank you


Hi Carmen,

We use multiple twitter accounts to run campaigns. To access ads api do we have to create multiple apps and get them whitelisted.

Is there a way to add all of these accounts to one app that I currently have whitelisted, so that I can pull the data related to all the campaigns run through these accounts.



Hi @PBiruduraju,

You would authenticate all your twitter accounts into your application. There is no need to whitelist multiple applications.

Once you run out of tokens, please book a time with me to demo your application for more tokens.