Ads API access request status



Hi, we @ are developing an advertising platform which will extend to Twitter among other networks.

We have submitted a request to be able to access the Ads API 10 days ago, I was wondering what is going on with it and is there any way to monitor its status?

Thanks in advance, Marko the adbot :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reaching out, @Alex_Flom. We’re working through a bit of a backlog at the moment and will check back in some time next week. Thanks!


@Alex_Flom: It looks like there was an issue with your app ID. Please either send us the app ID you’re requesting access for or submit a new application. Thanks.


ok, hope this is the correct id: 8321452


Thanks! That looks like a valid app ID. I’ll pass this along to the team who manages the application process.


Hi there! We’ve updated your log, and you now have developer access. Thanks!