Ads API access, how long for confirmation?



Hello all,

I sent a request to be able to access the ads-api, I have not gotten a response from Twitter yet. ON avergae how long does it take? Will I get a confirmation email?

Many thanks


Hi @mxpx27,

Is this still an issue for you? If so, can you confirm what Company name you applied under?


Hello Carmen,

Yes it is. I actually applied twice and never got an answer. I applied under the Tampa Bay Times account for @Politifact, which is owned by the times

Many thanks!


Hi @mxpx27,

You should be all set! I noticed that you applied as an advertiser - are you building a tool that would be only used by Politifact?


Hello again Carmen and many thanks,

Will I get an email confirmation for access to the API with a key, or I just use the credentials I have?

The tool I am building is more to integrate analytics from the API into our in-house product. Hopefully this fits into your terms of use :slight_smile:


Oh soory, I forgot it must be linked to my app ID, I will try it and let you know, thanks!


I was just curious! And yes, the API access is tied to your app ID. Happy coding!


Hello again Carmen,

So I have tried to communicate with an API call to the ADs API and I am getting an account not found exception. To tell you the truth, I may be mistaken on the correct API to use on my project. I wish to make calls which returns data from what we see in the “Twitter Analytics” console ( The Ads API is probably not used for this correct? Does the basic Twitter web services allow us to get data similar to what we see in “Twitter Analytics”?

Many thanks!


Hmmmm, the more I look at what I need, I think that Gnip may be needed. Is this an official API from Twitter? Is it supported by Twitter?



Hi @mxpx27,

There are several APIs you can use depending on what kind of data you are looking for. Please take a look at the following:
Streaming API
Ads API Analytics