Adobe AIR Signin stopped working


I’ve created basic TwitterSignin class. It was working perfectly until last month.
From now on right after «» API redirects me to And nothing happens, I see blank page.
It’s even weird that if I’ll type incorrect password first and then type correct one everything works great.
I’m using Actionscript3 language and both of HTMLLoader and StageWebView classes. Behaviour is the same.


We are also getting the same issue. Using AIR and the same API flow that had worked without issue previously. Now we get the same redirect and a blank white page that never loads.

It also works for us if we first enter a wrong username/password combo, but then enter the correct one - then everything works as it did before.


We are seeing the exact same issue and the same work around works. Also, the problem for us has just showed up in the last week. It is interesting that the same Twitter signin flow works on my Android phone environment. It is only the desktop version that seems to be broken.


Same issue here. I can’t go on with my project due to this blank page appearing once the user has typed his login/password. Any feedback from the devs, please? Thank you!


After further investigation, it seems to be related to the internal webkit engine used by AIR (maybe a specific user agent that is not properly handled by Twitter?). You can provide an extra parameter to your StageWebView (set to TRUE), that will then force your app to use the native browser. For me it then uses the IE11 engine, and it works (the CSS doesn’t seem to be loaded though, giving an ugly login page).

It would be much better if the Twitter team was providing a fix though, so we can use the native webkit version of AIR.



I think I found a workaround that works pretty well. I think that Twitter has some issues when it tries to both authenticate a user and authorize an app at the same time. So I split the process into 2 steps, and it seems to work.

  1. First I call the login page, like this “” (where XYZ is an
    existing URL where the StageWebView will be redirected to once the user in logged in)

  2. I wait for the StageWebView to be redirected to this XYZ URL, and at this point, I’m sure the user is logged in, and that Twitter created the proper session

  3. Then I call the authorization request, which is only dedicated to authorizing the app (and not identifying the user at the same time, since it was already logged in a few seconds ago).

Works like a charm for me. I hope it will help!


Great, but we already have two solutions for StageWebView and nothing for HTMLLoader class. Desktop users still cannot signin through Twitter Auth.