Admob Mediation Problem on Mopub Android SDK



Hi there,

We’re using Admob mediation on Mopub. Mopub want to adapter for admob mediation and I copied extras file from github on my project but Admob “.jar” file does not exist. Please read Admob doc for jar file. How can i find Admob jar file? but Mopub need to admob jar file on “Libs” directory or fix the issue?

Mopub integration doc


Hi @yunusemrecetin,

Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like you want to mediate AdMob through MoPub.

You’ll need to integrate any third party network SDKs you want to work with into your project by following the network’s instructions. Typically, this involves copying a jar file to your libs/ directory and adding an entry to your build path, but some networks will provide alternate instructions, as you have seen with AdMob. Once the SDK has been integrated according to the network’s instructions, you can refer back to our integration documentation to add the necessary adapter files.