Admin has locked my client out of his own Twitter account


Please forgive me; I know this is a developers’ forum, but I’m trying to help a client, a non-profit organization, reclaim its account from a fired admin who has hijacked it and locked everyone else out.

I’ve been on Twitter’s support pages for half an hour, trying the forms for “Impersonation,” “Copyright,” “Trademark,” and “Hacking” – and nothing allows me or my client to explain the situation well enough to enable them to get their account back, intact, with all its followers. (“Impersonation” might allow them to get the account name back, but doesn’t appear that it would gain them back the account with all its history.)

I see no way to get to a human being and no form that covers the situation and protects the account.

Sorry, but does anybody here know how my client can reclaim his account?