Additional updates to new Tweet API options



Hi everyone - I’ve just pushed some updates and clarifications to our documentation about the upcoming changes to Tweets. In case you missed it, there are also additional details in the Gnip support documentation, and we’ve got a number of sample payloads in our TwitterDev Github repo.

Important revisions include:

  • Updated JSON sample payloads
  • Additional information added on the compose options (specifically the attachment_url, auto_populate_reply_metadata and exclude_reply_user_ids parameters)
  • Additional information on error codes associated with the new scenarios

We have nothing additional to share on display changes or any other aspects of the update at the present time. We have no further information on timings for availability of these changes but will announce as they become available for use.

Please continue to ask questions on the relevant category here on the forum, and use the tag extended-tweet.

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