Additional config parameter for new DM 140+ feature



Continuing the discussion from Removing the 140 character limit from Direct Messages:

Thanks for this good feedback! We’ve now enabled a new value on help/configuration.json which returns the current value. The property itself is "dm_text_character_limit".



how can we configure twitter api to get the complete text of the direct message ? I have tried several ways but till now not successfull.


From the announcement:

Send “full_text=true” as a query parameter to receive long DM text. If this parameter is not provided, you will get a truncated version of the DM.


Thanks for the info. But currently I am fetching the direct messages by using getDirectMessages() method of twitter4j API. I am not sure where I can set the given parameter there. Is there any way to set it. Please suggest.



According to this commit on the twitter4j source tree, this should be the default behaviour if you are using the latest version of the library. I have not tested it myself, though.


Thanks @andypiper that helped :smile: