Adding users to SiteStream fails with Unknown URL


Since a few hours my calls to add users to an open site stream api via the add_user.json on the control stream are failing with “Unknown URL. See Twitter Streaming API documentation at”. A sample URL where this occurs is “”. Here is the full set of response headers I get back

“HTTP/1.1”, 401, “Authorization Required”,
[{“connection”, “close”},
{“date”,“Thu, 13 Mar 2014 01:14:59 GMT”},
“Unknown URL. See Twitter Streaming API documentation at\r\n\r\n

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I am exactly in the same problem as replied to “REST API works but got Unauthorized with Streaming API” waiting to be approved

I tried to get users info by with OAuth header and got the same response from servers. Adding user by also got same reply.

To add users to the sitestream, I am using POST /1.1/site/c/:stream_id/add_user.json as documented on “Control Streams for Site Streams”

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Same issue here. Added another discussion item ( before I read this one.


Same issue here, we can’t add any user to the streams (401 on call to add_users.json) and we cannot receive information about them (also 401 on info.json).

Weirdest part is, when we try calling the endpoints from our own computers (with OAuth headers) the return is ok (at least for info.json).

It has been happening since yesterday.


Hi everyone. Thank you for the reports and for your patience. We believe that the issue has now been resolved. Please make sure to post here again if you continue experiencing this error.


Hi Arthur,
I confirmed the issue was resolved on my site. My apps are working fine now.
Thank you.


Same here, everything is back to normal, also