Adding Twitter Feeds to Website and Widgets


Hello, my name is Nina and I work for a company called FindTheBest (

  1. FindTheBest is a place to research a product, service, person, company, etc. Here’s an example of what I’m currently working on: On every celebrity profile, we want to include their twitter feed (looking exactly like the widgets on

  2. We also let publishers use widgets from our site in their articles (check out the example at the bottom of this page: We’re interested in adding twitter feeds to these kinds of widgets as well. Here is an example of what the Taylor Swift widget might look like with her Twitter feed included:

I read the Developer and Agreement Policy and couldn’t find anything we’re violating but I want to ask here to make sure. Are adding twitter feeds to our site and adding twitter feeds to widgets we give to publishers both in line with Twitter’s policy?

I really appreciate the help! Thank you.


Hello and welcome on the forum!
I do not work for Twitter but have some knowledge of the ToS and Developer Agreement and I can’t find anything in there that would, from my point of view, forbid the use of the widget in the way you are using it. In my opinion, I think you (and your company) should be fine using it in the described context.


Thanks for the reply!