Adding tweets to a Collection Programmatically in Fabric


I am integrating my app with fabric for android Twitter kit and i am showing tweets from my collection as follows

// Collection "Fabric Picks"
final CollectionTimeline timeline = new CollectionTimeline.Builder()

I always add tweets to the collection manually which is tiresome since i now need to add large number of tweets. The Collections documentation says that you can add tweets programmatically. However i have not seen any documentation or example on how to add tweets programmatically.

Could anyone suggest a way in which i could add tweets to my collection programmatically?


Can you let me know the logic you want to use to add tweets programmatically? Is it based on a search term or hashtag? Let me know!


At a high level, you’d want to use the TwitterApiClient to do this, and you’ll need to extend that in order to add support for adding Tweets to Collections.


It will be based in hashtags


Sounds good @esir_kings. Andy’s suggestion above around how to add tweets to Collections is the recommended approach.


cool… ill take a look into it…thanks