Adding geolocation to Twitter Cards markup?


Is there any existing or planned markup to add lat/lng and place name to Twitter Cards? Could you please describe the attribute name/value pairs–we would like to add this from the get go.



There is no Cards specific markup but you can use the Tweet location, that still works.

See this exemple with both a Summary and a location -


Sylvain, yes, we can do it via the API, but how about via the /share endpoint client side? It would be really simple and useful to add lat/lng parameters to this call and also to the card markup.

Could you help expedite our approval for cards ? Is there an ETA on this? We have an app about to launch and would like all of our tweets to show the card format from the start. Follow/dm me privately if you would please.

Also it would be nice if there were an intermediate image size between summary and photo. On mobile, the summary size is too small to make out fine details, whereas the photo size lacks room for 2-3 lines of description.