Adding Delete events to the Account Activity API



Update: delete_events are now (6/12) live

In the coming weeks, we will be adding a new event type for tweet_delete_events Account Activity API that will make it easier for developers to maintain compliance with our developer policy.

Currently, tweet_create_events are delivered when the following actions relate to the subscribed user:

  • Tweets
  • @mentions
  • Replies
  • Retweets
  • Quote Tweets
  • Retweets of Quoted Tweets

Once deployed, applicable tweet_delete_events will be sent, for those corresponding deleted events to enable developers to more easily provide a compliant experience for their customers and application users.

Below you can see an example of a tweet_delete_events object. Notice that the for_user_id field in the payload indicates the user subscription related to the activity, this field was recently added.

    "for_user_id": "3198576760",
    "tweet_delete_events": [
        "status": {
            "id": "601430178305220608",
            "user_id": "3198576760"
        "timestamp_ms": "1432228155593"

Over the years, we’ve heard from developers that managing compliance is both important and difficult. This addition should make staying compliant with deleted Tweets in your application less of a hassle. Moving forward, we have more features we plan to provide that will further simplify compliance with our developer policies.

Developers who are currently using Account Activity API (premium or enterprise) will start to see these new activities soon. We’ve updated our reference documentation to reflect these changes.

Account Activity APIでTweet deletesが受信できない
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