Adding banners to others' pages



Is it against the TOS to share links that put someone’s content in an iframe to add a banner over it and then share that link on Twitter? Startups like do it and if this is within the TOS we would love to offer that to our users as well. Can we hear from someone on this? Thank you.


I don’t understand what you are asking for. Profile banner images do not support having some kind of iframe component. It doesn’t sound like a particularly good user experience, regardless.


Sorry for the confusion. Here is a link When you open it, you will see a banner towards bottom left. Notice how the URL is not of the publishing website, but of the tool’s website. Is this anyways against Twitter’s terms?


Things like linkis sniply etc are not specifically banned (i’m not a fan of them personally). One thing to keep in mind is that twitter does filter “suspicious” URLs - so if tweets with links to your framing site are flagged as spam, you won’t be able to tweet your links any more.


Got it. Thanks.