Adding admins to Twitter Application


We have opened an application using a personal twitter account, and we would like to know if it is possible to add more admins?


It’s not possible – I would recommend transferring the application to a less personal account. The team behind can help you with that if you email them from the email address belonging to the account holder of the application. Include in the email the target @username that you want to own the application.


Unlock the Twitter account that i did something wrong, but I’m waiting already 5 months until I beg you please unlock my account odblokujcie me this account >> @ julia4012 please please please PLEASE :frowning: :frowning:


Pleasee unlock my twitter it is very hard to open my view and tweet with my friend also i can’t RETWEET please unlock my twitter please please send to my email
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dear admin, my twitter account with the name @ nadyafifahdoyo has been faked, much of the information is not correct and contain pornography delivered through this account. Please block this account as soon as assisted. my real account is @ ndyafifah was temporary suspended, pls help tks


I have 2 problems about twitter.
1.My twitter is >> it doesn’t update or refresh to a new version. I don’t know why but other account I mean my friend’s account has update but I don’t yet.
2.Some old photo of my photo galleries has disappeared when I uploaded a new photo.

Please help and thank you very much before.


Is it still not possible to have more than one user post to a singular twitter account?


“Dear twitter, My account is suspended. I apologize if I am wrong in using twitter. but i don’t understand where is my fault that my account is suspended. I beg you to help me so that my account can be used again. thanks you very much”