Adding account_media fails in sandbox


I’m currently having an issue with our sandbox account. When I try to create an account_media object in the sandbox, I get a response that just says “Internal Error”. This same calls works fine in our production account. Any ideas what could be wrong? Here are the details:

POST 500 /1/accounts/gq11c3/account_media?creative_type=PREROLL&video_id=738765019651973120

Response: #<TwitterAds::ServerError:0x70256902181720 code=500 details="[{:code=>“INTERNAL_ERROR”, :message=>“Internal Error”}]">



Is this issue still reproing for you? I was not able to find the account having this error in the last 7d so if you have a newer repro it would help.




Yes, in fact I see it now on our production account. I got the same error just yesterday on accounts 18ce54c137j and 18ce54boe6y.


Hi - I will raise this internally but since this is related to a relatively new product, just as a heads up I would not be surprised if errors on sandbox and prod were coming from different things. To speed up investigation please let us know if you continue to see errors in one place or another or if you have debug info about which types of calls are failing and which ones are not.


Hi John,

I think I figured out the source of the problem yesterday. The
account_media objects I am creating contain a vast URL. We have been
having some network issues lately so I think what’s happening is that you
are making a call to the vast URL to validate it and the request is timing
out, so you are not allowing the creation of the account_media. I find I
get the same “Internal Error” response if I just send a bad URL for the
vast URL. I was able to successfully create a couple account_media objects
yesterday, which makes sense if the problem is due to our sporadic network

So I don’t think it’s a bug on your end. I do think it would help if the
error response was more specific. And if you wanted to increase the
timeout on the VAST validation, that would help in this specific case.

Thanks for your help.