Adding a twitter timeline with a variable #search



I’m building a website with a twitter timeline on it.
The website will be used to manage conferences. Each conference will have their own hashtag that an admin of some sort will enter for each conference registration.

I was thinking of adding 1 twitter search on my page for the all of the #'s but I was wondering, is this possible in anyway?

Can I use 1 twitter search id to manage all of the different #'s on different screen reloads so if I select a conference, the search # must update itself and show tweets for that specific #.

Thanks in advance!


We currently do not support overriding the search query for a configured search timeline widget.

If you or a conference admin configure a search timeline widget on for the hashtag to display on the page you could capture the resulting widget ID, which would allow you to place the appropriate search timeline widget onto the page.


So it we need to make a new widget for each conference hashtag we make?

This must be possible in another way!!


Correct, each hashtag search currently needs its own widget ID.