Add to List has stopped working


We have been using lists/members/create_all to programmatically add users to lists for a long time. The code has been working forever. It suddenly is failing to add all the specified members, or even any sometimes. The status is 200 on the return.

For example:
data = owner_screen_name=100_pct&screen_name=braddegraf%2Crawbsf&slug=listadd

response has ‘status’: ‘200’,
content starts with
{u’created_at’: u’Fri Jul 24 17:41:54 +0000 2015’,
u’description’: u’’,
u’following’: True,
u’full_name’: u’@100_pct/listadd’,
u’id’: 215122785,
u’id_str’: u’215122785’,
u’member_count’: 0,
u’mode’: u’public’,
u’name’: u’listadd’,

Is there a known bug? Did something change?


I have the same problem even 7 months later :frowning: Still no progress?