Add new add unit to existing custom native network




I have an existing custom native network. It works all fine. Then I add a new ad unit to the apps. They are listed all fine when I edit the custom network. I add the new parameters. However, in the “ad units” tab of the network, they dont show up. how do I fix this?



Hi @ahmettaha,

It sounds like you need to target your ad units to your custom native network. Steps to do this are below. If you still have questions, I would recommend reaching out to with your account username so they can take a closer look into your account set-up.

  1. Click on the “Segments” tab of the UI
  2. Click the specified segment you want to set (Note: Accounts will automatically be set with a Global Segment on creation. This would be the segment most people would need to navigate to to set the ad network for the specific ad unit. This changes if a new segment is created and has specific targeting as new segments will override the Global Segment for their specific parameters.)
  3. There is a filter set to show only running ad sources. You want to close the tab for this that says “Status:Running” inside the filter box to see the rest of the ad sources.
  4. Click the drop down for the ad unit you want to change
  5. Edit the ecpm of the ad source
  6. Click “Set”