Add a larger number of block users via one request


I just learn about Twitter for couple of days. I 'm facing a problems in building an app that add a large number of users to block list via Twitter Api (POST blocks/list ). But this Api is only work with one user per request, using it will lead to ‘API RATE LIMIT’. That I want here is a method that can add a lot of users to the block list via one request Can anyone help me overcome this problem ? Thank and best regards.


You can now import your block lists from a CSV file, which would be the best way to do this instead of using the API. There is no way to change the rate limit on the endpoint, so you will always encounter that problem.


Thanks AndyPiper, I have try as the link you sent. But in my Twitter account, this feature is hidden. I don’t know why. Moreover, my target is build an app that any one can use to block a large number of users . Finally, thanks you again. Do you have any other suggestions for me ?


That’s probably because we are still rolling the feature out slowly - it should appear soon.

You have to work within the rate limits, so I don’t have anything else to suggest.