AdColony Mediation Custom Native Code Setup Help


I am trying to get AdColony mediation working. I have gotten Chartboost to work without any issues. I have followed the AdColony tutorial, but am not able to show any ads. Currently testing on Android. I think i may have setup my custom native events incorrectly:

CUSTOM EVENT CLASS: com.mopub.mobileads.AdColonyInterstitial

CUSTOM EVENT CLASS DATA: {“appId”:“myaddid”,“allZoneIds”:“myzoneid”,“zoneId”:“myzoneid”}

I did put my own add id and zone id. I am using the same zone id for allzoneids and zoneids



Had forgotten to put clientid… So did that:


Still no luck


Hey PlayHOG,

I responded to your support inquiry regarding this issue. Once we resolve this on that side, could you post what the solution was here?