AdColony and Vungle Setup


I see the adapter files in the MoPub SDK, however where can I find how to integrate? I need AdColony support before I can move to your platform. Chartboost is the reason I am leaving Admob mediation.


How to Setup Adcolony in Mopub?

Hi! Thanks for your post.
We don’t have AdColony- or Vungle-specific documentation yet, but the actual custom events are here:

The actual process is almost identical to Facebook (, replacing Facebook class names and placement id with appropriate Vungle interstitial values.

Hope this helps!


Here is relevant documentation on integrating 3rd party ad networks, including AdColony and Vungle:

Let us know if you have any further questions.



am trying to get AdColony mediation working. I have gotten Chartboost to work without any issues. I have followed the AdColony tutorial, but am not able to show any ads. Currently testing on Android. I think i may have setup my custom native events incorrectly:

CUSTOM EVENT CLASS: com.mopub.mobileads.AdColonyInterstitial

CUSTOM EVENT CLASS DATA: {“clientOptions”:“version:44,store:google”,“appId”:“myaddid”,“allZoneIds”:“myzoneid”,“zoneId”:“myzoneid”}

I did put my own add id and zone id. I am using the same zone id for allzoneids and zoneids



Please take a look at our custom event source code.

In this, you will see that the Android adapter takes four fields:
“clientOptions”, “appId”, “allZoneIds”, and “zoneId”

I am already working with PlayHOG through If anyone else has similar issues, please reach out to support!



I had a similar issue when integrating adColony on iOS.
It turned out the adapter expects an array of strings (not just a string) for ‘allZoneIds’.

I have only one zoneId but using square brackets solved it.
i.e. use “allZoneIds”:[“myzoneid”] instead of “allZoneIds”:“myzoneid”

You’re welcome :wink:


Thanks @ShabbatAlert this clued me into stepping through and checking each one of those. I had to add the zoneId as well to get to work. I only had one zone, so it was an array of one zone id. I had to have that single zoneId or it was not happy… I should also note I am using MoPub SDK 4.0 and AdColony SDK 2.6

Here’s an example of my final CUSTOM EVENT CLASS DATA entry on the MoPub interface

  "appId": "##YOUR_APP_ID##",
  "zoneId": "##YOUR_ZONE_ID_X##",
  "allZoneIds": [

I had to replace a few bits of code too. event and events symbols were not instantiated using [MSMutableDictionary dictionary], I used [MSMutableDictionary new] to get it all to work… building for iOS 9. There is no reason I am aware of that [MSMutableDictionary dictionary] should not work. But I would get a bad_exec_access if I didn’t… something new in iOS 9? If so I expect trouble down the line. that is used everywhere. It could be a scope issue as well that is beyond my capability of recognizing at this time. I’ll do a pull request at some point when the dust settles. Maybe this will help someone else.



For VungleInterstitial, it should be {“appId”:“YOUR_APP_ID”}

What about VungleRewardedVideo? What is “vngl_id” ??


Hi @ralphilius,

“vngl_id” is sent in the callbacks so publishers understand that the callback is from Vungle. SDK does not expect any value for this from custom class data and publishers do not have to configure anything.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email our support team (



This worked!! Thank you so much!!