ADA Compliance failure title missing iframe


Hello Community,

I have a website that is failing Accessibility Compliance because of missing title with iframe. The twitter content that is replaced between the

does include the “Twitter Timeline” as the title.
Two more iframes are included right before the end of the tag. One is untitled and the last one is titled “Twitter analytics”.
It is this untitled one that is giving the problem.

This issue is similar if not the same issue: Another Embedded Timeline iframe missing title attribute Didn’t see a resolution for it.

Any thoughts?
I am scanning with SortSite by PowerMapper


Hi @MyronCJonesII,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ll take a look at this soon!


Hi @MyronCJonesII,

This should be resolved now. Thanks for reporting the issue!


Hi @evansobkowicz,
Thank you for the quick response. I now have a clean scan for my ADA compliance.

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