Ad Stats and Twitter Access Levels



I’m integrating Twitter Ads API into a data analytics tool and I’m coming across a consistent problem with null data when querying ad stats whether it be broad or specific queries. I’ve checked date ranges and factored in the timezones that others have had issues with. Tried both summary (total) and detailed (daily, hourly) levels of granularity. Tried filtering by entity types and ids.

Can you confirm if twitter access levels i.e. developer, basic and standard affect what data I would see being returned from the Ad Stats API? i.e. does developer access not let you see production data?

I’m not connected to a sandbox. The account has registered for and was granted Ad API access as I’m seeing insights data, accounts, campaigns, et cetera.


Dug deeper. It appears DAY granularity and the TIME_INVALID_WINDOW bug is the problem here. Noticed an old topic on this: TIME_INVALID_WINDOW for correct start date? which helped to work around it.

Changing to hourly or total granularity gives me some output. I can aggregate the hourly data if I need daily.


Hi @JonathonOgden,

I’m glad you found a workaround to your issue! Would you mind providing the the request and response you were seeing when you first created the issue? That should allow us to add a bit of clarity as to what was going on.


It turns out that, although I was accounting midnight in my timezone, the component my query was going through (it’s part of an ETL package) was encoding the date/time format incorrectly.