Ad Metric Minimum Interval Rate



When gathering metrics / insights from Twitter, what is the smallest timeframe of aggregation (days, hours, minutes)?

Are metrics stable? For example, are any estimations made for intraday queries? If so, when do those estimations become stable?


Thanks for the question, @maclerki. All ads analytics information can be found here.

To answer your question, the most granular data we offer is at the hourly level. Per our Best Practices doc:

  • All analytics metrics are locked and will not change after 24 hours, with the exception of billed_charge_local_micro.
  • The billed_charge_local_micro metric is an estimate for up to 3 days after the data is returned.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Juan, this does help.

Do the metrics lock at a specific time, for example midnight ET, or is it a rolling 24 hour prior window?


Glad to hear it.

The values are locked 24 hours after the time of the event—so a rolling 24 hour period.