Ad Group (line item) optimization parameter



If you include a value for the optional “optimization” parameter when posting to /accounts/:account_id/line_items, how is the campaign actually optimized?

The docs state that this controls campaign optimization for “high-intent” users based on key behaviors, but would it be possible to clarify exactly which behaviors are considered to signal higher likelihood of conversion?

Also, what is the difference between the option values? Is DEFAULT a different sub-set of the high-intent behaviours to WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS?

Thanks very much in advance,


Hi, @jpdriver. Thanks for the question.

Currently, we have a single objective for clicks and conversions. The default optimization for this is for website clicks. However, if you are interested in conversions, you would use optimization=WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS.

FYI, there is a new WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS objective that is currently in beta. More information here.

Hope this helps. Thanks!