Ad Creatives Being Blocked



I was having an issue with website cards generated in the creative section of ‘Ads’ not previewing the photo in the creatives I had made using the ad cards.

The situation it appears involved adblockers not showing the preview image.

I disabled mine and it fixed the problem. However, as most users on twitter use ad blocking of some sorts, is there another solution? I don’t see blank cards from other users’ twitter creatives.
@juanshishido was assisting me with this and helped me get the first part figured out. Thanks!

I just don’t think we’ve found a complete solution and its affected my campaigns in the past.



@FollowNoOneBand: What’s the ads account?



Same one I’m writing from now. @Follow No One Band.

I do run ads and I was also using the Twitter creatives as a better way to create higher quality presentation in my tweets as well.

Just ran into the issue with the images being blocked.



@FollowNoOneBand: I meant, what’s the account ID?


I believe it’s this: i39511748
Same as the funding source id correct?


For more information on account IDs, please see our Getting Started page.

In any case, I looked at this account’s cards and see them rendering correctly.

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Ok. Thank you for all your help Juan!