Ad card management


Anyone have a URL link to ad card management page


Do you mean


Yeah but when Click on that link it takes me to making paying for an ad campaign where as I want to be able make my own ad cards


The ads dashboard / campaigns creatives are where you create those cards.


Well I’m having trouble actually finding where I do that on that page , is there any chance you could possibly sent me the URL for that exact page

#7 -> top menu bar Creatives -> Cards


This is what I’m seeing and I don’t want to pay for a ad campaign , I want to create my own cards which i have previously done in the past but can’t seem to find that page URL


If you don’t want ad cards (website/lead generation) then you can implement our standard cards on your website using the details on our dev site.


Yeah that what I’m after doing but I can’t seem to find the page URL what lets me create them


You have to embed the relevant tags into your site.


I’ve had this all done and I’ve previously been able to make my own cards I’ve made numerous ones but I’ve lost the page URL that allows me to make them so can you either send me that page URL so I can get back to my card management please


I’m confused what you are looking for. Do you mean the validator?


I need
To get to this page in image I’ve sent so I can manage my cards And create a new one


OK so those are the Ads cards. You can access them via the Creatives tab (which appears in your second screenshot, but not the first one earlier). You can also use the Create new Campaign button on the main screen to start a new campaign and then click to the Creatives section of the process to create a card.

If the Creatives tab does not appear for you on, then you’ll need to click the Help link which is to the far right of the black bar at the top, and request assistance there.

These are our developer forums, so we can only help you with the cards that you embed on your own site, not the Twitter-hosted ones you create via the Ads dashboard.