Ad account was not found error



I noticed that this error has been raised before but didn’t seem to resolve my issue perhaps just a lack of understanding.

I got Account was not found error for an ad account when trying to download campaign data. I’ve tried using twurl to get a new token and I got an Authorisation successful message. But I’m still getting the same error when trying to download campaign data again.

Really appreciate any help!


Are you able to make a GET accounts request?

…when trying to download campaign data

What endpoint are you making a request to? Could you please post an example request for the endpoint you’re having trouble with?



Hi @juanshishido

Thanks for your prompt response!

I can GET accounts via twurl.

twurl -H "" "/4/accounts?account_ids=xxx"

{"request":{"params":{"account_ids":["xxx"]}},"next_cursor":null,"data":[{"name":"xxx ","business_name":null,"timezone":"Australia\/Sydney","timezone_switch_at":"2016-10-05T13:00:00Z","id":"xxx","created_at":"2016-10-07T00:45:48Z","salt":"xxx","updated_at":"2018-10-12T14:25:05Z","industry_type":null,"business_id":null,"approval_status":"ACCEPTED","deleted":false}]}

I’ve replaced certain values with ‘xxx’ for security reason but happy to send you the actual values directly if it helps.

I’m trying GET accounts/:account_id/campaigns but it returns the campaign data via twurl just not from the backend code.

twurl -H "" "/4/accounts/xxx/campaigns"


Please note that this issue is only affecting one out of few accounts. The other accounts I was managed to obtain new tokens and the campaigns data started downloading again.

Let me know if you’d like me to send you the account ID directly for the affected account. If so, how do I send it to you privately.



It sounds like you’re able to access the ads hierarchy information using twurl, but not through your implementation. Is that right?

If so, not sure how we can help unless you can identify what the differences are.

Please note that posting API-related IDs here is safe. See our Guidelines for Reporting Issues.