Activated Large Summary Cards But Not Working Properly



I’ve just activated “Large photo summary” cards for our business account @Travelstart. When I was asked to verify our blog url ( the card authentication page wouldn’t accept the home page url so I used the latest post url ( I got the email saying Twitter has activated the cards, however, when I tweet various posts from our blog, the only one that works with cards is the url I input on the verification page: All other url’s I tweet from our blog don’t create a card. Can anyone tell me where I’ve messed up? Thanks so much, Russell


Hi Russell,

Thanks for the question. I think you’re all good with your Twitter Cards. We have a cache of about seven days, which is why Twitter Cards are not showing for now on some of your URLs that have previously been tweeted. I just tried tweeting a previous blog post URL with a query param and the Twitter Card appeared.

You should be all set in the next few days automatically!



Hi Romain,

Thanks so much … I think that makes sense. I will wait for the cache to do its thing.